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The Campanian Manson impact structure of Iowa represents the best-preserved, large-diameter complex crater within the continental United States. The related bolide struck from the southeast at a low angle, potentially distributing ejecta downrange to the northwest across the Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway. Here, we (1) examine possible correlation of Manson impact horizons across the Cretaceous seaway to terrestrial formations of Montana, and (2) test a large hadrosaur bone bed from the Two Medicine Formation for evidence indicative of the Manson impact. The study includes geochronology; palynomorph, soot, and geochemical analyses; and physical searches for impact ejecta.

The impact ejecta–bearing Crow Creek Member of the marine Pierre Shale can be correlated to the SB2 discontinuity in the Judith River and Two Medicine Formations of Montana based on radiometric dates, ammonite zonation, and an association with the onset of the Bearpaw transgression. A 40Ar/39Ar analysis of an associated bentonite bed dates the hadrosaur bone bed (TM-003) to 75.92 ± 0.32 Ma referenced to MMhb-1 at 523.1 Ma. This bentonite and associated lacustrine units suggest a potential correlation with the SB2 and the Crow Creek Member. However, our examination of the bone bed produced no definitive impact evidence. The combined analyses did reveal three unusual aspects: (1) an abundance of Ulmoideipites sp., (2) a high soot content, and (3) elemental and mineralogical changes suggestive of distinct geochemical units. A major wildfire followed by a postcatastrophe bloom dominated by Ulmoideipites sp. likely preceded the eventual debris flow that generated the bone bed. The SB2 discontinuity and the 33n.3r magnetic subzone represent traceable stratigraphic markers that could serve as guides in future exploration for Manson impact evidence in terrestrial formations west of the seaway.

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