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One of the rarest of marine reptiles is the mosasaur genus Globidens, characterized by a massive, bulbous dentition. The rarity of the taxon, coupled with the bulbous dentition, resulted in various theories concerning life habits. Although a consensus indicates that the dentition was adapted for crushing resistant elements, hypotheses have varied concerning prey, ranging from turtles or bivalves to scavenging. Finally, a partial skeleton of Globidens has been recovered from the Big Bend area of the Missouri River in central South Dakota. The specimen was discovered in the upperDeGrey Formation (upperCampanian) of the Pierre Shale Group. During analysis, bivalve fragments were found packed within the rib-cage region of the skeleton. In the field, bivalve concentrations did not occur laterally or above or below the skeleton, indicating that they were the stomach contents of the mosasaur. Associated within the stomach area are a number of bivalve taxa, including oysters and small bivalves with lamellar shells, probably of the genus Anomia. The most common specimens within the stomach area are bivalves that exhibit a prismatic shell microstructure typical of inoceramids. Four inoceramid shell morphotypes were recovered, including a coarse-ribbed morphotype, a fine-ribbed morphotype, one with a thickened umbo, and a large, flat, thin-shelled morphotype. Because of their position in the mosasaur, their fragmented condition, limited taxonomic diversity, and absence from surrounding sediments, the bivalves are considered stomach contents. Some smaller, complete shells of Anomia escaped breakage, whereas larger inoceramids were invariably crushed. Chondrichthyan teeth were found associated but are interpreted to be the result of scavenging. This specimen of Globidens appears to have had a preference forthe large, flat, relatively thin-shelled inoceramids that contained a large, fleshy visceral mass.

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