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Potential field data (gravity and magnetic measurements) are both useful and cost-effective tools for many geologic investigations. Significant amounts of these data are traditionally in the public domain. A new magnetic database for North America was released in 2002, and as a result, a cooperative effort between government agencies, industry, and universities to compile an upgraded digital gravity anomaly database, grid, and map for the conterminous United States was initiated and is the subject of this paper. This database is being crafted into a data system that is accessible through a Web portal. This data system features the database, software tools, and convenient access. The Web portal will enhance the quality and quantity of data contributed to the gravity database that will be a shared community resource. The system's totally digital nature ensures that it will be flexible so that it can grow and evolve as new data, processing procedures, and modeling and visualization tools become available. Another goal of this Web-based data system is facilitation of the efforts of researchers and students who wish to collect data from regions currently not represented adequately in the database. The primary goal of upgrading the United States gravity database and this data system is to provide more reliable data that support societal and scientific investigations of national importance. An additional motivation is the international intent to compile an enhanced North American gravity database, which is critical to understanding regional geologic features, the tectonic evolution of the continent, and other issues that cross national boundaries.

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