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There is now a comprehensive coverage of magnetic and gravity potential-field datasets for the Australian region. Onshore government regional airborne magnetic surveys and ground gravity surveys commenced about fifty years ago, and these datasets now cover the whole continent. Marine magnetic and gravity data have been acquired over the same period, and recently these data have been combined with the onshore data to provide single coherent compilations for much of the Australian region. Digital processing, enhancement and display of these datasets provide geoscientists with an unparalleled opportunity to unravel the tectonic framework of the Australian Plate, particularly in areas obscured by recent cover material. The datasets are being used extensively in the minerals, petroleum, coal, groundwater, environmental and educational industries. This paper discusses several enhancements of the national magnetic and gravity datasets in comparison to the geophysical interpretation published as the Australian Crustal Elements map. A detailed example, the Tasman Line in the Broken Hill region, shows how these datasets can be used to interpret geology under cover.

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