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This bibliography is the third 1 of a series covering world literature on vertebrate paleontology. It includes the five years 1939 through 1943, as well as articles omitted by Hay in his Bibliography and Catalogue (1902A, 1930A) and missed in our earlier issues.

The Supplementary List of Serials deals with journals lacking in our first two installments. Consequently most of the serials cited in the Author Catalogue will be found in the two previous lists.

We have broadened our use of the term “fossil” to include in the present Author Catalogue references to artifacts and other remains of early man, drawing the line when the terms mesolithic or neolithic appear. In the New World we have included all cultures associated with extinct faunas, and remains or indications of faunas no longer living.

Diminution of European research has extended beyond individuals to serials, and finally to collections and institutions. This suppression of the European literature has reduced the present bibliography to about one-half of the previous one. It has also increased the difficulty of obtaining publications from abroad. Many titles are entered as “[not seen]” since they have not yet reached our libraries. These we have culled from abstract journals, terminal bibliographies and special bibliographies in related fields. We have undoubtedly missed many papers that should have been included and we ask especially for notes on these omissions and citations to obscurely published papers.

The Systematic Index is a reference to pertinent literature and a means of locating categories in the hierarcgy

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