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A systematic relationship exists between seismically defined, master normal faults of the Albuquerque Basin and the structural style of rift shoulders on the basin margins. Rift shoulders occupying the footwalls of these master faults have at least three characteristics distinguishing them from the other shoulders of the basin:

  1. 1. They are the source areas for the basin’s major fanglomerates in the syn-rift Santa Fe Group.

  2. 2. They display distinctly Neogene apatite fission-track ages.

  3. 3. They have undergone the greatest amount of rift-related uplift in the Neogene.

These relationships imply that uplift of these rift shoulders may be in part, the result of isostatic rebound of the lithosphere, accompanying tectonic unloading by the seismically defined master faults of the basin.

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