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Upper Paleozoic rocks of the northern Sierra and eastern Klamath terranes provide detailed stratigraphic records of ensimatic arc-related sedimentation and magmatism. Comparison of Paleozoic stratigraphic relations between the two terranes, however, suggests certain contrasts in depositional environments and the nature, volume, and timing of volcanism for given time intervals. Some lithologic and provenance ties indicate a paleogeographic relation. Variations in stratigraphy between the two terranes and within terranes imply differences in geodynamic setting. These and regional geologic relations indicate an early and persistent paleogeographic tie between the two areas, and they further suggest that the eastern Klamath terrane may have lain outboard and trenchward of the northern Sierra terrane during much of their late Paleozoic evolution. Stratigraphic ties for mid-Permian and lower Mesozoic rocks imply a closer relation and more similar geodynamic setting during subsequent evolution.

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