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Since its early years of publication, the GSA Bulletin has been an outlet for paleontologists who want their results to reach a broad scientific audience. During the first 40 years, paleontologic papers featured a wide variety of subjects, including systematics, biostratigraphy, correlation, and paleogeography. After the Journal of Paleontology and other specialized journals began publication, applied paleontology characterized many of the Bulletin articles. From about 1930 to 1960, a series of correlation papers on the Phanerozoic systems dominated the Bulletin. Systematic studies were generally published as Special Papers or Memoirs, starting in the 1930s. Beginning in the 1950s and continuing to the present, the GSA and the University of Kansas Press have produced 36 volumes of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, arguably the most significant paleontologic enterprise of the century. In the past 20 years, the Bulletin has contained many papers in which paleontology was applied to solving general geologic and biologic problems. Doubtless, this trend will continue, in both the Bulletin and in Geology, for many years to come.

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