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A Twocreekan organic horizon, which is underlain by till of the Haven Member and overlain by till of the Two Rivers Member of the Kewaunee Formation, was investigated near Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Wood from this horizon was dated at 11,700 ± 110 B.P. (ISGS-1061) and 11,650 ± 170 B.P. (ISGS-1234). The insect fauna from the Kewaunee site has many elements in common with the insects from the type section of the Two Creeks Forest Bed, 14 km to the south. These include the northwestern carabid Asaphidion yukonense, northern carabids Carabus taedatus and Bembidion grapii, and the northern staphylinid Acidota quad rata. In contrast, the Kewaunee site fauna appears to have inhabited a somewhat colder environment, as suggested by the occurrence of the carabids Cymindis unicolor and Pterostichus (Cryobius) spp. We interpret the Kewaunee specimens of aquatic, water-marginal, and upland species to represent an allochthonous rather than an autochthonous assemblage.

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