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The Danville Coal Member (VII) of the Dugger Formation marks the top of the Carbondale Group in Indiana. Mineral matter in the Danville Coal is composed mainly of quartz, pyrite, calcite, kaolinite, and illite along with minor amounts of gypsum, anhydrite, smectite, and chlorite. The maceral composition is composed predominantly of vitrinite along with minor quantities of exinite, semifusinite, fusinite, and macrinite and/or micrinite. Trace elements that are enriched in the Danville Coal with respect to their “Clarke” values are Ba, Mg, and Zn. Trace-element analyses indicate that the Danville Coal member is younger than the Upper and Lower Millersburg coals in southern Indiana and suggests that the Hymera Coal Member (VI) was deposited at approximately the same time interval as the Millersburg Coals. The Danville Coal Member was deposited in a forested peat swamp under brackish-water influence with reducing and anaerobic conditions and minimal water cover.

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