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The aminostratigraphic relationships of approximately 150 coastal Quaternary sites from Nova Scotia to Florida and the Bahamas Islands are reviewed. The broad latitudinal range of the sites provides a useful perspective on the relative kinetics of racemization at substantially different temperatures. Local aminostratigraphic sections are presented for five regions in which present mean annual temperatures differ by 3°C or less. Correlation of these individual aminostratigraphies is accomplished by qualitative comparison of results for overlapping sections and by quantitative kinetic modeling. Correlations based on kinetic modeling with local calibration are compared with available U-series data for coastal plain sites. Using basic aminostratigraphic assumptions about the relationship of present and past temperature gradients, the amino acid data from most of the calibration sites follow logical trends. However, significant conflicts between U-series dates and aminostratigraphic age estimates are recognized for sites in South Carolina and for a group of sites in eastern Virginia (central Chesapeake Bay). Reconciliation of the aminostratigraphic data with all of the Atlantic Coastal Plain U-series coral dates is not possible without invoking extreme (and latitudinally variable) thermal effects on the racemization kinetics.

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