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Blowing dust produces an environmental hazard in central Arizona, especially along major transportation routes. Many multiple-vehicle accidents have occurred due to high winds and reduced driver visibility. The dust hazard is normally associated with thunderstorm development and the accompanying gust or pseudo-cold front structures of these storms. Major sources for dust storm development in central Arizona are the mountainous areas of north-central Mexico in Sonora, the mountainous regions of the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, and the Gulf of California. On a local scale, land use, local winds, and ground moisture control specific dust loading in various locales. It is concluded that at present, forecasting and providing accurate warnings of the hazard are not sufficient to totally alleviate the problem. This is not to say that detection techniques are unavailable. The potential predictability of the hazard can be enhanced by employing a more sophisticated, although more costly, detection and communication network in the afflicted areas.

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