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Palynologie data have been obtained from 30 localities in the Swauk, Naches, and Roslyn Formations of central Washington and in the Puget Group of western Washington. Although the Swauk Formation previously has been assigned ages as old as Paleocene or Cretaceous, palynologie results show that the type Swauk Formation is Eocene and that the Swauk Formation of the Chiwaukum graben and Wenatchee areas is Eocene and Oligocene. Correlations based on palynomorph biozones show that the Swauk, Naches, Teanaway, and Roslyn Formations of central Washington are time-equivalent to the Puget Group of western Washington and are part of the same depositional sequences of Eocene and Oligocene age.

Palynomorph biozones found useful in this study include the Pistillipollenites and Platycarya concurrent-range zone, early(?) and middle Eocene; the Platycarya and Bursera concurrent-range zone, late Eocene; and the Gothanipollis and Elaeagnus concurrent-range zone, Oligocene. These concurrent-range zones can be used to correlate the central Washington formations and Puget Group with other strata in southwestern Washington and in the Bellingham, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia, areas.

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