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Almost forty years have elapsed since the completion of John M. Clarke’s study The Naples Fauna (Fauna with Manticoceras intumescens) in Western New York, the only major publication dealing with American Devonian ammonoids since James Hall’s Palaeontology of New York. During this time, Raymond and, later, Schindewolf have described a unique fauna containing several species of ammonoids from the Three Forks shale of Montana, but, otherwise, Devonian ammonoids have received very little attention in this country. However, Freeh, Wedekind, Schindewolf, Schmidt, Perna, Sobolew, Delé5pine, Matern, Dybczyński, Böhm, and others have published extensively on contemporaneous European forms, and our knowledge of Devonian ammonoids as a group has been increased greatly. Nevertheless, as was recently noted by J. P. Smith in a posthumous paper, “The study of Devonian genera is still a source of conflict, with little agreement among the attackers of the problems, and is involved in a whirlpool of nomenclature.”

For about ten years the writer has been particularly interested in Paleozoic cephalopods. Five years ago he attempted to complete, from the literature, a bibliographic index of the Devonian cephalopods of North America, and he then became aware of the urgent need for a restudy of the type specimens of American Devonian ammonoids as well as nautiloids. Most of these specimens are housed in museums which, unfortunately, have found it necessary to discontinue the loaning of types. This difficulty was overcome in a large part by liberal financial assistance received from the Geological Society of America and the Wagner Free . . .

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