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Part III. Systematic Descriptions: Order ATREMATA Beecher 1891
Superfamily OBOLACEA Schuchert 1896
Family OBOLIDAE King 1846

January 01, 1938

Obolacea (Schuchert, in Zittel, 1913, p. 371) with thickened and striated pedicle regions; ventral pedicle area traversed by a groove. Life habits probably like those of Lingula and allies.

Ozarkian and Canadian Obolidae: Obolus, Lingulobolus, Lingvlella, Lingulepisl, Paterula, Leptobolus, Westonia.

Discussion: There are no known internal characters which will allow a satisfactory division of the Obolidae into two subfamilies. According to present knowledge the Obolinae and Lingulellinae are divided on the basis of external form. This is not a practical division, because there are elongate species assigned to Obolus and oval forms placed in Lingulella. The authors prefer to recognize one family only.

Structurally, Paterula appears not to belong with the Obolidae, but the authors are unable to place it elsewhere. Bröggeria, hitherto placed in this family, is excluded because of its very apparent relationship to Elkania of the family Elkaniidae.

Genus LINGULELLA Salter, 1866

Lingulella ? allani Walcott

Lingulella ? allani Walcott, Smithson. Misc. Coll., vol. 57 (1912) p. 232, pl. 35, figs. 7–9.

Syntypes : U. S. N. M. 58347, 58348, 58349.

Horizon and Locality: Goodsir formation, Moose Creek Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

Lingulella bella (Walcott)

Obolus (Lingulella) bellus Walcott, U. S. Nat. Mus., Pr., vol. 21 (1898) p. 397, 398; vol. 23 (1901) p. 685–687—Matthew, Geol. Surv. Canada, Rept., Cambrian Rocks, Cape Breton (1903) p. 204.

Lingvlella bella Walcott, U. S. Geol. Surv., Mon. 51 (1912) p. 481, pl. 19, figs. 2, 2a–q; pl. 36, fig. 4.

Lectotype (Walcott, 1912): . . .

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