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The thermodynamic functions for water that are tabulated here consist of: (1) specific volume, (2) Gibbs free energy, (3) entropy, (4) enthalpy, (5) fugacity and (6) fugacity coefficient. They cover the temperature range 20° to 1,000°C in 20° intervals, and the pressure range 100 to 10,000 bars, in 100-bar intervals. In addition, separate tables are presented for the Gibbs free energy at 0.01 and 1.0 bars, as well as for the coefficients in the three empirical equations of state upon which the tabulated values above 1,000 bars are based.

The tabulations up to 800°C and 1,000 bars were obtained, either directly or by computation, from the Steam Tables 1964 (Bain, 1964); all of those above 1,000 bars are based on the specific volume measurements of Burnham, Holloway and Davis (1969). The uncertainty in the tabulated values of specific volume and enthalpy below 1,000 bars is ± 0.1 percent; above 1,000 bars the uncertainty is ± 0.3 percent in specific volume, Gibbs free energy and entropy, ± 0.6 percent in enthalpy and ± 1.3 percent in fugacity and fugacity coefficient.

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