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A critical review and annotated bibliography on lineation was published in 1945 by The Geological Society of America as Memoir 18. The book proved rather useful and was re-issued when the first edition was exhausted.

Since then 142 papers in which lineation is either mentioned, discussed, or shown on maps have been published. One hundred authors have contributed.

New types of lineations have not been described in addition to those listed in Memoir 18. The relation between the direction of transport (a) and the co-ordinate normal to it (b) is still being discussed. It would seem that each case has to be decided on its geological merits and certainly not all lineations are of one kind!

I have tried to bring the literature and the statistical analysis up to date. A thorough discussion and review of the subject has not been attempted in spite of the appearance of a large number of outstanding papers. Aside from some corrections suggested by several authors little could be added at this moment.


Figures 1 and 2 are the equivalents of Figures 14 and 15 in Memoir 18. They were redrawn and show slight changes due to inclusion of a few older papers, which had been overlooked, and the addition of the literature since 1945.

A total of 521 papers has now been listed.

Figure 1 shows the distribution of papers since 1840 in terms of 3-year running averages. The most obvious "depressions" are those of the war years 1914–1918 and

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