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The Southeastern Oman Mountains are dominated by two major culminations: the Jabal Akhdar and Saih Hatat domes, surrounded by allochthonous and/or neo-autochthonous rocks. In the cores of both domes, folded autochthonous and par-autochthonous pre-Permian metasedimentary rocks are exposed, subjacent to the ‘Hercynian’ Unconformity. Above the unconformity are Permo--Mesozoic shelfal sedimentary rocks, characterized by carbonates. These sedimentary rocks were openly folded. The open folds are large-scale elongate structures that define the shapes of both domes. The main elongation direction is NW--SE. Doming is syn- to post-obductional. Most margins of the domes are marked by major post-obductional, extensional faults. Reactivated basement faults along the eastern margin of the Jabal Akhdar Dome may be responsible for the straight NNE-striking eastern margin which is perpendicular to the main elongation direction of the domes. The deep structure of both domes is poorly known. However, the Moho depth below the centre of the Jabal Akhdar Dome is at 50 km. We present a geological map of both domes, depicting the main faults and folds, and schematic cross-sections, parallel and perpendicular to the Oman Mountains.

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