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This paper presents the results of studies of the geology and fossil faunas of the Mingan Islands, Quebec, Canada. The writer first visited these islands in the summer of 1909 and spent seven days studying the sections of Parroquet, Mingan (Bald), Harbour, Moutange (Montange, Big Romaine), Moniac (Little Romaine, Montac), Quarry, Niapisca (Phantom), and Large islands. 1 Later, on August 31 and September 1 of that year, the sections of Eskimo Island and Clearwater Point were studied. The islands were again visited in July 1925, and the sections on Harbour, Inner Birch, Outer Birch, and Eskimo islands, and on Pte. aux Morts and Clearwater Point were studied or re-studied. A hurried reconnaissance was made of St. Charles, Ste. Geneviève, Whale, and Hunting (Betchewan) islands. The strata on these islands were identified as to formation, but weather conditions did not permit detailed study.

The islands were again visited in 1929, and the sections on Harbour, Quarry, Niapisca, and Eskimo islands were re-studied. About a week was spent on Large Island and another week on Betchewan Bay. Sections on Hunting (Betchewan), St. Charles, and Ste. Geneviève islands were measured as were those on Pillage Bay, Betchewan Bay to Trilobite Bay, on Ammonite and Clearwater points, and in the bay on the west side of Clearwater Point. The section on Pte. aux Morts was studied in detail, and the shore east from Indian Point on the east side of Pillage Bay and that from Mingan Village to Magpie were examined. There are no . . .

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