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Microbial carbonates developed in the Middle Triassic (Leikoupo Formation, Anisian Stage) of the western Sichuan Basin. The microbial components have been identified and include Renaclis-resembling, Rivularia lissaviensis, Carpathocodium anae, Hedstroemia moldavica, Bacinellacodium calcareus, and Paraortonella getica. These form stromatolitic, laminitic, thrombolitic, spongiostromata stones, dendrolites, and oncolitic structures. Microbial carbonate reservoirs occur in submember unit (SMU) 3-3 in the Zhongba area of the northern segment and SMU 4-3 in the middle segment of the western Sichuan Basin, both of which are of low porosity and permeability. Core descriptions and thin-section analysis show that reservoir porosity...

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