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Trentino Porphyry is an igneous rock composed of rhyolitic–rhyodacitic ignimbrites. It belongs to the Athesian Volcanic Group, a widespread calc-alkaline magmatic association of Lower Permian age (280–270 Ma) occurring in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, north Italy. Extraction and processing are currently carried out in Trento Province, particularly in the region of Cembra Valley and its surroundings. Initially introduced for road setts throughout Trentino and Südtirol, Trentino Porphyry has progressively become one of the most important materials for paving and facing in Europe and all over the world, where it is appreciated and renowned for its durability. It has successively acquired an unquestionable versatility of application, thanks to a rare mix of mineralogy and textural and structural features, combined with excellent technical properties. Given the role played by this stone in almost any aspect of the area – cultural, architectural, production and social – it is proposed for candidacy as a Global Heritage Stone Resource.

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