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Montecito, California, has a complicated Quaternary history of debris flows, the most recent being the Montecito debris flows of 9 January 2018, which were wildfire-debris flow–linked events that took 23 lives and damaged or destroyed several hundred homes. Relative flow chronology, based on boulder weathering, incision rates, and soil dates with limited numerical (radiocarbon and exposure) dating, is used to identify paths of prehistoric debris flows. Topography of debris flow fans on the piedmont is significantly affected by the south-side-up reverse Mission Ridge fault system. Examination of weathering rinds from Pleistocene debris flows confirms that the Rattlesnake Creek–Mission ridge debris flows are folded over the ridge, and that lateral propagation linked to uplift of marine terraces (uplift rate of ~0.5–1 m/k.y.) significantly altered debris flow paths. As communities continue to rebuild and live in these hazard-prone areas, disaster risk reduction measures must take into account both spatial and temporal components of vulnerability.

This field guide includes four stops from Montecito to Santa Barbara. The first stop will be to observe debris flow stratigraphy over the past ~30 ka beneath an earthquake terrace and a prehistoric Chumash site on the beach near the Biltmore Hotel in Montecito. The second stop will be at San Ysidro Creek in San Ysidro Canyon, the site of the largest Montecito debris flow that occurred on 9 January 2018. We will discuss source area and processes of the debris flow, and take a short hike up the canyon to visit the debris flow basin and a ring net designed to reduce the future hazard. The final two stops will explore the debris flow chronology of Santa Barbara over the past ~100 ka. Figure 1 shows the location of the field-trip stops. There is no road log as field sites can be found with a search on a smartphone.

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