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This guidebook includes five geologic field-trip guides in the Los Angeles region associated with the 2020 GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting scheduled for May 2020, in Pasadena, California. Unfortunately, just as the proofs were being sent to the authors in early March 2020, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic caused disruption to businesses, hospitals, schools, governments, and billions of people around the world. The 2020 Cordilleran Section Meeting was subsequently cancelled for the safety of all attendees, as were the planned field trips. Nonetheless, these guides represent the hard work and insights of numerous field-trip leaders and will undoubtedly be useful when life returns to normal in the coming years.

The guides are organized in a generally counterclockwise order around the Los Angeles Basin. The first guide by Burgette et al. provides new slip rates, age constraints, and observations of the active Sierra Madre fault zone that borders the northern side of the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys. The Nourse et al. guide takes a new look at the San Gabriel Mountains from a basement and geomorphologic perspective. Further west, Keller et al. provide one of the first published field-trip guides focused on the 9 January 2018 Montecito debris flows that caused 23 deaths. The volume then moves south to Santa Cruz Island, where Davis et al. provide an updated review of the island’s geology within the California borderlands. The final guide returns to the east, where Platt et al. present the unique geology of Santa Catalina Island with a focus on the subduction-related Catalina Schist.

Although we are extremely disappointed that these trips will not take place in May 2020, we are excited to offer these guides that provide new insight into the unique geology of Los Angeles, one of the most densely populated areas on Earth. We look forward to visiting these sites with you in the coming years.



Dick Heermance and Josh Schwartz, volume editors

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