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The present revision treats most species of the genera Gavelinella, Berthelina and Lingulogavelinella. The taxa are revised, redescribed and reillustrated on the basis of type specimens, or, failing these, through topotypical material or, in the absence of any specimens, through analysis of original descriptions and illustrations. Keys for the species retained in the three genera have been generated.

Many taxa recovered from Australian Cretaceous deposits are new to science. Amongst these is the oldest known gavelinellid on record, Gavelinella compacta, found in abyssal deposits from Exmouth Plateau, of Upper Valanginian age and ranging into the Hauterivian. Other new taxa are Berthelina glabra, B. petaloidea, B. pluricostata, B. pustulata, B. robusta, Lingulogavelinella minuta, L. ornata and L. semistellata.

A substantial number of taxa which have been attributed to the three genera in the past, either originally or subsequently, are after discussion removed to other families or left incertae sedis.

The new name Orithostella kwazuluensis is proposed to accommodate the reclassification of Lingulogavelinella frankei africana Lambert & Scheibernov√°, 1974. The name Anomalinoides convexus is herein validated as the original proposal of Lingulogavelinella globosa var. convexa Carter & Hart, 1977 is not available.

The state of preservation of the Albian gavelinellids of New Zealand described by Stoneley prevents the critical observation of the characters necessary for generic and specific attribution. They are therefore left incertae sedis.

All specimens of the gavelinellids described by Bukalova from the Albian of the Cis-Caucasus were lost during the restructuring of the V.N.I.G.N.I. in 1971: the species she proposed are therefore discussed under the incertae sedis heading.

Trochammina parvula Crespin, 1944 and Gavelinella bettenstaedti Dieni & Massari, 1966 are both removed from Gavelinella and tentatively assigned to Trochammina.

Gavelinella pertusa maestrichtiensis Hofker, 1956, Gavelinella tormarpensis Brotzen, 1942, Gavelinella tumida Brotzen, 1942, and Berthelina incerta (Hofker, 1957) are lectotypified.

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