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The taxonomy of Oligocene planktonic foraminifera of uncertain affinity are discussed and reviewed in this chapter. The following taxa are considered Problematica: Acarinina inaequiconica Subbotina, Globigerina brevis Jenkins, Globigerina? grata Todd, Globigerina khadumica Bykova, Globigerina postcretacea Myatliuk, Globigerina pseudoedita Subbotina, Globigerina spirata Bornemann, Globigerina stainforthi Hofker, Globigerinella evoluta Subbotina, Globigerinella liverovskae Bykova, Globigerinella praemicra Subbotina, Globigerinella subangulata Ivanova, Globigerinoides inusitatus Jenkins, Globorotalia denseconnexa Subbotina, Globorotalia hexacamerata Subbotina, Globorotalia tetracamerata Subbotina, Guembelina plana Ivanova, Guembelina pseudostriata Ivanova, Subbotina droogeri Myatliuk, Subbotina vialovi Myatliuk, Turborotalia bannerblowi Blaicher, and Turborotalia czeczvaensis Myatliuk. Our understanding of each of these taxa, along with many new SEMs of the holotypes, are presented.

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