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The taxonomy, biostratigraphy, and phylogeny of the Oligocene Globigerinitidae (comprising the genera Dipsidripella, Globigerinita and Tenuitella) is reviewed. This family is here included in the Superfamily Globigerinitoidea based on the distinctive wall texture. The group is united by possessing a ‘radially crystalline’ wall texture (the glutinata-type wall) which typically bears pyramidal pustules and in most species is microperforate (pores <1 μm in diameter). The genus Dipsidripella is included in the family here for the first time. In Dipsidripella the wall is often medioperforate (pores 1-2 μm in diameter; danvillensis-subtype). The following species are recognized as valid and occurring in the Oligocene: Dipsidripella danvillensis (Howe and Wallace), Dipsidripella liqianyui Huber and Pearson, Globigerinita glutinata (Egger), Globigerinita uvula (Ehrenberg), Tenuitella angustiumbilicata (Bolti), Tenuitella gemma (Jenkins), Tenuitella munda (Jenkins), and Tenuitella praegemma (Li).

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