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The taxonomy, phylogeny and biostratigraphy of the Oligocene Globanomalinidae (comprising the genera Pseudohastigerina and Turborotalia) is reviewed. Members of the Family have a macroperforate, nonspinose, smooth to weakly cancellate wall. Extinctions in the late Eocene left the Family restricted to just a few surviving forms which themselves became extinct in the early Oligocene. The group is very useful for biostratigraphy, with the extinctions of Pseudohastigerina naguewichiensis and Turborotalia ampliapertura providing the lowest two biozone boundaries of the Oligocene. The following species are recognized as valid: Pseudohastigerina micra (Cole), Pseudohastigerina naguewichiensis (Myatliuk), Turborotalia ampliapertura (Bolli), and Turborotalia increbescens (Bandy).

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