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The taxonomy, phylogeny and biostratigraphy of Oligocene and lower Miocene Globoturborotalita is reviewed. Globoturborotalita is a long-ranging genus appearing in the basal Eocene and still present in modern oceans with one living representative G. rubescens. Species attributed to this genus are generally common and cosmopolitan. The following species are recognized as valid: Globoturborotalita barbula Pearson and Wade, Globoturborotalita bassriverensis Olsson and Hemleben, Globoturborotalita brazieri (Jenkins), Globoturborotalita cancellata (Pessagno), Globoturborotalita connecta (Jenkins), Globoturborotalita eolabiacrassata Spezzaferri and Coxall n. sp., Globoturborotalita euapertura (Jenkins), Globoturborotalita gnaucki (Blow and Banner), Globoturborotalita labiacrassata (Jenkins), Globoturborotalita martini (Blow and Banner), Globoturborotalita occlusa (Blow and Banner), Globoturborotalita ouachitaensis (Howe and Wallace), Globoturborotalita paracancellata Olsson and Hemleben n. sp., Globoturborotalita pseudopraebulloides Olsson and Hemleben n. sp., and Globoturborotalita woodi (Jenkins).

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