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The taxonomy, biostratigraphy and phylogeny of Family Hantkeninidae, incorporating the genera Clavigerinella, Hantkenina and Cribrohantkenina, is reviewed. The family comprises a monophyletic clade that evolved from Parasubbotina in the basal middle Eocene. A total of 16 species are recognized as distinct; Clavigerinella akersi Bolli, Loeblich and Tappan; Clavigerinella caucasica (Subbotina); Clavigerinella colombian a (Petters); Clavigerinella eocanica (Nuttall); Clavigerinella jarvisi (Cushman); Cribrohantkenina inflata (Howe); Hantkenina alabamensis Cushman; Hantkenina australis Finlay; Hantkenina compressa Parr; Hantkenina dumblei Weinzierl and Applin; Hantkenina lehneri Cushman and Jarvis; Hantkenina liebusi Shokhina; Hantkenina mexicana Cushman; Hantkenina nanggulanensis Hartono; Hantkenina primitiva Cushman and Jarvis; and Hantkenina singanoae Pearson and Coxall n. sp.

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