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The taxonomy, phylogeny, and biostratigraphy of Eocene Globigerina, Globoturborotalita, Subbotina, and Turborotalita are reviewed. Twenty-three species are recognized as distinct, namely Globigerina officinalis Subbotina, Globoturborotalita anguliofficinalis (Blow), Globoturborotalita bassriverensis Olsson and Hemleben n. sp., Globoturborotalita gnaucki (Blow and Banner), Globoturborotalita martini (Blow and Banner), Globoturborotalita ouachitaensis (Howe and Wallace), Subbotina angiporoides (Hornibrook), Subbotina corpulenta (Subbotina), Subbotina crociapertura Blow, Subbotina eocaena (Guembel), Subbotina gortanii (Borsetti), Subbotina hagni (Gohrbandt), Subbotina hornibrooki (Brönnimann), Subbotina jacksonensis (Bandy), Subbotina linaperta (Finlay), Subbotina patagonica (Todd and Kniker), Subbotina roesnaesensis Olsson and Berggren n. sp., Subbotina senni (Beckmann), Subbotina utilisindex (Jenkins and Orr), Subbotina velascoensis (Cushman), Subbotina yeguaensis (Weinzierl and Applin), Turborotalita carcoselleensis (Tourmarkine and Bolli), and Turborotalita praequinqueloba Hemleben and Olsson n. sp.

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