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The taxonomy, phylogeny, and biostratigraphy of Eocene Catapsydrax, Globorotaloides, Guem-belitrioides, Paragloborotalia, Parasubbotina, and Pseudoglobigerinella Olsson and Pearson n. gen. are reviewed. A total of 17 species are recognized as distinct, namely Catapsydrax africanus (Blow and Banner), Catapsydrax dissimilis (Cushman and Bermúdez), Catapsydrax globiformis (Blow and Banner), Catapsydrax howei (Blow and Banner), Catapsydrax unicavus Bolli, Loeblich, and Tappan, Globorotaloides eovariabilis Huber and Pearson n. sp., Globorotaloides quadrocameratus Olsson, Pearson, and Huber n. sp., Guembelitrioides nuttalli (Hamilton), Paragloborotalia griffinoides Olsson and Pearson n. sp., Paragloborotalia nana (Bolli), Parasubbotina eoclava Coxall, Huber, and Pearson, Parasubbotina griffinae (Blow), Parasubbotina inaequispira (Subbotina), Parasubbotina prebetica (Martinez-Gallego and Cremades), Parasubbotina pseudowilsoni Olsson and Pearson n. sp., Parasubbotina varianta (Subbotina), and Pseudoglobigerinella bolivariana (Petters).

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