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Soviet micropaleontologists dominated the modern study of Upper Devonian-Carboniferous nonfusulinid foraminifers, and during the middle third of the 20th Century produced numerous reports considered to be basic references for that fossil discipline. This paper redescribes and reillustrates with unretouched photomicrographs many type specimens of that era that are critical for understanding Upper Paleozoic foraminiferal taxonomy. Materials come from collections published in more than 30 papers by institutes in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, and are supplemented by specimens from other sources in Russia, Great Britain, and the United States. These were originally assigned to about 200 species, subspecies, varieties and forms that are here synonymized into nearly 150 species representing 70 genera. The taxa merit reevaluation to clarify concepts that may be ambiguous in the original publications because of incomplete descriptions, few or poorly illustrated specimens, and nomenclatural and priority issues, or because not all primary sources are readily available outside the Former Soviet Union. Applicable provisions of the Zoological Code are cited to justify recommended changes in priorities and synonymies. New taxonomic acts include designation of a lectotype for Globivalvulina bulloides (Brady), establishment of the genus Neochernyshinella, and emendation of Neo brunsiina.

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