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The type species of various ‘anomalinid’ genera have been restudied, where possible on the basis of the original types. The concepts of these taxa are discussed in the light of the new observations herein reported.

The Anomalinidae comprise the genera Anomalina, Anomalinoides, Cibicidoides with Rhodanopeza as a subjective synonym, Hanzawaia, Heterolepa, Loisthostomata, Orithostella, Parrelloides and Riminopsis.

The Alabamininidae are restricted to Alabamina, with Eponidoides as a subjective synonym, Charltonina, Cribroparrella, Conorotalites, Goupillaudina, Oridorsalis and Osangularia. The Gavelinellidae include Gavelinella, with Pseudovalvulineria as a subjective synonym, Angulogavelinella, Berthelina, Boldia, Co-coarota, Hansenisca, Lingulogavelinella, Notoplanulina, and Pseudogavelinella.

The Cancrisidae include Cancris, Brotzenella, Cibicorbis, Gyroidinoides, with Valvalabamina as a subjective synonym, Scheibnerova, Stensioeina and Valvulineria.

Gyroidina, with Serovaina as a subjective synonym, as well as Globorotalites, possess features typical of eponidid taxa, posing difficulties for its classification. The genera Nummodiscorbis, Hollandina and Holmanella are considered incertae sedis, while Gavelinonion remains a nomen inquaerendum.

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