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This paper presents data on the distribution of recent benthic foraminifera (total faunas) in the Kattegat-Skagerrak area (Scandinavia) based on a compilation and interpretation of new and previously published data. A Q-mode factor analysis based on the 22 most important species in 177 samples identified five major assemblages. These were the Elphidium excavatum, Eggerelloides scabrus, Bulimina marginata, Cassidulina laevigata and Bolivina skagerrakensis assemblages. The first three assemblages were found within areas of significant hydrographic variability whereas the last two assemblages inhabited areas of stable hydrography in the deeper parts of the Skagerrak. A number of other species were common in the area. Among these, the distributional patterns of Cibicides lobatulus, Stainforthia fusiformis and Nonionellina labradorica are described.

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