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The name Stainforthia (or Fursenkoina) schreibersiana (Czjzek) has been used for specimens found in Recent and Pleistocene deposits from arctic and subarctic environments as well as Tertiary deposits from Europe. An examination of specimens assigned to Stainforthia schreibersiana has revealed that the specimens belong to two different species: the fossil species from European sites of Tertiary age belongs to Fursenkoina acuta (d’Orbigny) (senior synonym to Fursenkoina schreibersiana (Czjzek)), while the Recent and Pleistocene cold water specimens are here assigned to the new species Stainforthia feylingi. The species is named in honour of Rolf Wilhelm Feyling-Hanssen who has been a pioneer of Quaternary foraminiferal studies in Scandinavia.

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