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This atlas of foraminifera is designed to update and enhance biostratigraphic correlations in the California Miocene. The study focuses primarily on the Monterey Formation, because it is a major source and reservoir of petroleum, and exclusively on the time interval during which it was deposited, 17.9 to 6.0 million years ago. Most of the recovered fauna derives from nine outcrop sections or areas in central and southern California, representing four Neogene coastal basins: Graves Creek (Salinas Basin), Indian Creek (Salinas Basin), Laguna Hills (Los Angeles Basin), Manville Quarry access road (Santa Maria Basin), Monterey County roadcuts (Salinas Basin), Naples Beach (Ventura Basin), Upper Newport Bay (Los Angeles Basin), San Clemente Island (Los Angeles Basin), and Topanga Canyon (Los Angeles Basin).

The collections yield 112 genera and 391 (350 benthic, 41 planktic) species-group taxa. Eleven new species are described: Astacolus naplesensis, Bolivina exilicostata, Bolivina isaacsi, Bolivina woodruffi, Cancris lippsi, Evolutononion dumonti, Lenticulina barroni, Lenticulina douglasi, Lenticulina indianensis, Neoeponides navarrettei, and Valvulineria mcdougalli. Sequence checklists for each section tabulate the occurrences and relative abundances of species, the data from which are composited in faunal checklists that reveal provincial trends in the spatial and temporal distribution of each species. Illustrations of all recorded species should enable workers to compare taxa in order to evaluate and incorporate new information into preexisting data banks. They also provide the means for conformity among workers and serve as a training guide for new students.

Future applications in geologic correlation should benefit from the greater degrees of precision and confidence afforded by the revised foraminiferal taxonomy and biostratigraphy presented in this compendium.

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