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Exposed Eocene through lower Miocene rocks of the North Carolina Coastal Plain are assigned to ten depositional sequences representing Coastal Onlap Supercycles TA3, TA4 and TB1 (Lutetian - Aquitanian Stages). Five depositional sequences and four megafossil zones are recognized in Eocene rocks assigned to Castle Hayne Limestone and New Bern Formation. The oldest depositional sequence, Sequence 0 has not yielded age-diagnostic fossils. Sequence 1, characterized by the Protoscutellamississippiensis Assemblage Zone, is correlated with the lower Lisbon Formation and equivalents in the Gulf Coastal Plain (middle Lutetian). Sequence 2 contains the P. conradi Assemblage Zone, and is correlated with the upper Lisbon Formation and equivalents in the Gulf Coast (upper Lutetian to lower Bartonian). The lowermost part of Sequence 3 contains the P. plana Assemblage Zone, and is correlated with the Gosport Sand in the Gulf Coast (Bartonian). The remainder of Sequence 3 and Sequence 4 is characterized by the Periarchuslyelli Assemblage Zone. Upper Sequence 3 is correlated with the Moodys Branch Formation, the North Twistwood Creek Clay and the Cocoa Sand in the Gulf Coast (upper Bartonian(?), lower Priabonian). Sequence 4 includes the New Bern Formation and the uppermost part of the Castle Hayne Limestone in North Carolina, and is correlated with the Pachuta Marl and, possibly, the Shubuta Marl in the Gulf Coast (upper Priabonian). Based on megafossil and calcareous nannofossil evidence, the Protoscutellaplana-Periarchuslyelli zonal boundary is equivalent to the Claibornian-Jacksonian Stage boundary in the Gulf Coastal Plain.

Five depositional sequences and two megafossil zones are recognized for Oligocene and lower Miocene rocks. Sequence 5, characterized by the Lophobalanuskellumi Assemblage Zone, is correlated with lower Vicksburgian strata of the eastern Gulf Coastal Plain (Rupelian). Sequences 6 through 9, characterized by the L. baumi Assemblage Zone, are correlated with Chickasawhayan and Tampan strata of the Gulf Coast (Chattian - lower Aquitanian).

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