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Following palynostratigraphic work on glacigene and post-glacial Lower Permian rocks of the Al Khlata, Gharif and Unayzah formations of the Arabian Peninsula, twenty-four of the most important spore taxa are described and illustrated. The ranges of the taxa are given in terms of the standard palynozonation of Oman and Saudi Arabia. Two spore taxa, Angulisporites cf. splendidus and Anapiculatisporites concinnus, of the OSPZ1 Biozone, are indicative of the lowest parts of the glacigene Al Khlata and Unayzah formations. Many of the simple spore taxa of the genera Microbaculispora, Horriditriletes and Brevitriletes are indicative of Biozone OSPZ2 and higher parts of the Al Khlata Formation, as well as the Unayzah B Member. A few distinctive taxa, for example Lundbladispora gracilis, Indotriradites apiculatus and Cyclogranisporites pox, are characteristic of the OSPZ3 Biozone, and indicate levels within the Lower Gharif Member which overlies the Al Khlata Formation in Oman. The morphology of the common, and stratigraphically important taxon, Vallatisporites arcuatus (Marques-Toigo) Archangelsky and Gamerro, 1979 is illustrated and discussed in detail.

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