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Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous miospore assemblages are described from two wells in Saudi Arabia. Well Abu Safah-29 (ABSF-29), located in the Arabian Gulf, 530 kilometres northeast of Riyadh, penetrated Lower Carboniferous and Upper Devonian sediments. Well preserved but highly carbonised miospore assemblages represent the Visean, lower Tournaisian and Upper Devonian in this section. Reworked uppermost Devonian (Strunian) taxa are common in the Tournaisian assemblages. Well Harmaliyah-51 (HRML-51), located east of the Ghawar oil field in eastern Saudi Arabia (about 300 kilometres east of Riyadh), contains well preserved Strunian assemblages dominated quantitatively by Retispora lepidophyta, and deeper in the well, poor assemblages of Upper Devonian (pre-Strunian) age. Erosion or non-deposition has resulted in strata including the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary not being preserved in either of the well sections investigated.

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