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The Bhatwari Gneiss of Bhagirathi Valley in the Garhwal Himalaya is a Paleoproterozoic crystalline rock from the Inner Lesser Himalayan Sequence. On the basis of field and petrographic analyses, we have classified the Bhatwari Gneiss into two parts: the Lower Bhatwari Gneiss (LBG) and the Upper Bhatwari Gneiss (UBG). The geochemical signatures of these rocks suggest a monzonitic protolith for the LBG and a granitic protolith for the UBG. The UBG has a calc-alkaline S-type granitoid protolith, whereas the LBG has an alkaline I-type granitoid protolith; the UBG is more fractionated. The trace element concentrations suggest a volcanic arc...

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