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Iceland is a young, dynamic, volcanic island with a unique tectonomagmatic setting at the intersection of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and a mantle hotspot. The combination of this tectonomagmatic setting, a history of glaciation, and the sparse vegetation of a subarctic maritime climate means that Iceland has both intriguing geology and outstanding exposures of this geology. This field trip guide contains an introduction to the geology of Iceland and an itinerary for a 10-day journey around the island. The itinerary consists of 55 stops and 15 optional stops. These stops include exposure to representative examples of most phenomena typical of the island’s geology and all of the major tectonic elements of Iceland. The primary focus of this guide is on volcanic and tectonic features, but topics such as glaciation, geothermal energy, geomorphology, paleontology, soil loss, and geotourism are also addressed.

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