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The Rincon oil field is located approximately ten miles west of the city of Ventura, California along the Rincon Anticlinal Trend (Figure 1). The offshore area is the westward extension of the onshore Rincon oil field. The offshore area is developed from five subsurface leases (Figure 2). These include PRC 145, PRC 410, PRC 427, PRC 429, and PRC 1466. The redevelopment of PRC 1466 is the subject of this paper. PRC 1466 is located immediately south-southwest of Punta Gorda and a portion of its northeastern boundary is coincident with the shoreline at that location. Development of this 1175 acre lease is from a man- made drilling and production island. A causeway, 2700 feet in length, connects the manmade Rincon Island to the shore. The causeway allows one-way vehicle traffic on and off the island and contains a six-inch diameter gas pipelines, a six-inch diameter oil pipeline, a high voltage power line, and telecommunications lines along the flanks of its deck.

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