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This structure cross section (Plate III), with true vertical and horizontal scale, crosses the Santa Barbara Channel from Carpinteria through the east end of Santa Cruz Island. Although it is not the first such cross section, it incorporates more than 20 exploratory wells with detailed electric log and paleontological correlations, considerable modern 2-D seismic data and, of course, outcrop geology by Dibblee (1986) and Weaver, et al. (1969) at either end. It depicts all of the important faults, folds, and uplifts of the offshore Ventura basin in considerable detail, and even though it does not exactly cross several important producing fields, the pertinent subsurface geology is considered in drawing the section (c.f. Chevron’s Summerland Offshore field; Texaco’s and Nuevo Energy’s (ex-Unocal) Pitas Point gas field; Nuevo Energy’s (ex-Unocal), Chevron’s, and Pauley’s Santa Clara field; Chevron’s Sockeye field).

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