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This field trip emphasizes the relationships between worldwide sea-level change, tectonic elements, and sequence development for Eocene and Oligocene rocks in the San Diego embayment and Ventura Basin. Participants will be exposed to criteria for recognition of unconformities, systems tracts, and parasequences developed in submarine canyon, deltaic, tidal, shoreface and coastal plain environments. The stratigraphic signature of tectonics and eustasy will be a pervasive theme.

The objectives of this field trip are threefold: 1) Develop fades models for sediments deposited in fluvial, tidal, deltaic, shoreface, shelf, and deep-water environments; 2) Evaluate evidence for facies changes versus unconformable relationships in interpreting sedimentary sequences; and 3) Demonstrate the application of sequence-stratigraphy principles to tectonically active basins with complex stratigraphic relationships. In addition observations from wells, aerial photographs, and outcrops will be integrated in the Transverse Ranges to develop paleogeographic reconstruc tions of the basin and evaluate the influence of structural evolution on sequence development.

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