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The origin and stratigraphic implications of meterscale peritidal cycles have been the source of heated debates, resulting in two schools of thought. One group favors the random, discontinuous, autocyclic accumulation of sediment in a localized area under constant subsidence as the controlling mechanism behind peritidal cycles (Ginsburg, 1971; Pratt and James, 1986; Waters and others, 1989; Cloyd and others, 1990). The other group proposes allocyclic mechanisms as the driver behind the deposition of rhythmic arrangements of lithofacies on carbonate platforms, preferably high-frequency, sea level fluctuations (Fischer, 1964; Grotzinger, 1986; Goldhammer and others, 1993; Koerschner and Read, 1989; Osleger and Read, 1991; Elrick, 1995).

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