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Detailed logging ofkey outcrops and boreholes in the mainly nearshore and marginalmarine sediments of the Colwell Bay Member has enabled regional correlations to be established. The Colwell Bay Member comprises a single depositional sequence, based by a combined sequence boundary and transgressive surface and terminated by a second sequence boundary. Regionally developed omission surfaces delimit five parasequences within the Colwell Bay Member. Environmentally controlled mollusc assemblages indicate progressive SW-to-NE progradation of marginal-marine environments within each parasequence. Previous interpretations of the Solent Group as deposited in a narrow embayment of the proto-English Channel are evaluated and rejected. It is interpreted as a remnant of a wide area of coastal and near-coastal sediments, deposited in a wide embayment of the southern North Sea Basin, now largely removed by mid-Tertiary uplift and erosion.

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