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The Neoproterozoic–Early Devonian platformal succession of the North Slope subterrane, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska, represents a carbonate-dominated peri-Laurentian continental fragment within the composite Arctic Alaska–Chukotka microplate. The basal ca. 760–720 Ma Mount Weller Group consists of an ~400 m thick mixed siliciclastic and carbonate succession that records the onset of regional extensional tectonism associated with the separation of southeastern Siberia from northern Laurentia during the break-up of Rodinia. These strata are overlain by ca. 720 Ma continental flood basalts of the Kikiktat volcanic rocks, which provide a link between the northeast Brooks Range platformal succession and the ca. 723–717 Ma Franklin large igneous province (LIP) of northern Laurentia. The overlying Sturtian Hula Hula diamictite and Cryogenian–Ediacaran Katakturuk Dolomite record abbreviated thermal subsidence of the northeast Brooks Range platformal succession prior to renewed Ediacaran–early Cambrian extensional tectonism and deposition of the overlying lower Paleozoic Nanook Group (new name). Equivalent strata of the deep-water Cryogenian–lower Cambrian(?) Ikiakpuk Group (new name) are identified herein with new δ13Ccarb and 87Sr/86Sr isotopic data from the Fourth Range of the northeastern Brooks Range. The Nanook Group is formally divided herein into the Black Dog and Sunset Pass formations, which record isolated peri-Laurentian platformal carbonate sedimentation along the northern margin of Laurentia, in an analogous tectonic position to the modern Bahama Banks. A profound Late Ordovician(?)-Early Devonian unconformity within the platformal succession is marked by subaerial exposure, paleokarst development, and tilting of the northeast Brooks Range peri-Laurentian platformal fragment prior to deposition of the overlying Lower Devonian Mount Copleston Limestone.

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