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The genetic connection between Large Igneous Province (LIP) and carbonatite is controversial. Here, we present new major and trace element data for carbonatites, nephelinites and Deccan basalts from Amba Dongar in western India, and probe the linkage between carbonatite and the Deccan LIP. Carbonatites are classified into calciocarbonatite (CaO, 39.5–55.9 wt%; BaO, 0.02–3.41 wt%; ΣREE, 1025–12 317 ppm) and ferrocarbonatite (CaO, 15.6–31 wt%; BaO, 0.3–7 wt%; ΣREE, 6839–31 117 ppm). Primitive-mantle-normalized trace element patterns of carbonatites show distinct negative Ti, Zr–Hf, Pb, K and U anomalies, similar to that observed in carbonatites globally. Chondrite-normalized REE patterns reveal high LREE/HREE...

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