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Extensive drilling of the Tango Extension kimberlite pipe resulted in the construction of an emplacement model that revealed the complex architecture of two amalgamated pipes: an older pipe, the Tango Extension Deep, which is cut along its northern margin by the smaller Tango Extension pipe. The resulting volcano forms a complex pipe-in-pipe structure called the Tango Extension Super Structure. The emplacement of the Tango Extension Super Structure sequence indicates prolonged hiatuses, which, similar to other volcanoes classified as monogenetic, puts the classical monogenetic and polygenetic definitions of maar-diatreme volcanoes to the test. Although the Tango Extension and Tango Extension Deep volcanoes could be characterized individually as monogenetic volcanoes, the Tango Extension Super Structure shows evidence of the occurrence of the significant hiatuses typical of polygenetic volcanoes. We suggest that hiatuses that are long enough to consolidate earlier tephra unambiguously differentiate polygenetic from monogenetic maar-diatreme volcanoes.

The original version was incorrect. This was due to the Acknowledgements and Funding section being omitted, a missing citation, and a change needed to the caption of Fig. 8.

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