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The Jamaican Cenozoic echinoid fauna is large and diverse, comprising about 95 nominal species (with further taxa presently classified under open nomenclature) divided between 43 genera. The Eocene fauna is particularly large and includes about 85% of the Jamaican Cenozoic species. In contrast, the echinoids of the Jamaican Paleocene, Oligocene, and Miocene are very poorly known. The Eocene fauna is dominated by oligopygoids, cassiduloids, and spatangoids, while the Neogene and Quaternary fauna is best known from cidaroids and clypeasteroids. Comparatively few regular echinoids are known from the Jamaican Cenozoic. The following species are described and/or reported from the Jamaican fossil record for the first time herein: cf. Neolaganum dalli (Twitchell); Cubanaster sp. cf. c. acunai (Lambert and Sánchez Roig); Wythella sp.; Encope sp. cf. E. sverdrupi Durham; and Eurhodia sp. cf. E. rugosa (Ravenel).

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